Tuesday, October 7, 2014

More transit friendships

A couple of university students get on. The girl recognizes a friend a few aisles down. They start talking. Then, the two boys accompanying the girls decide they should also chat, so they introduce themselves and get to know each other. Now there are two overlapping conversations going on over other passengers' heads, and yet another new friendship is born on the bus. Keep it up, and I might start believing in human interaction again!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Stand out

At the bus stop tonight: A woman in 4 inch fuchsia heels, matching her fuchsia hair. She has a barcode tattoo in her arm, a long sentence tattooed along the back of her leg, and is carrying a giant lion's head backpack!

Social media friendships

A young man is drawing, despite the many bumps in the road. Suddenly, a blue haired girl sits beside him. After a quick chat about life drawings and the minutiae of drawing hands, she asks for his name, finds him on Facebook, and leaves. And, just like that, a new friendship is formed.