Friday, May 31, 2013

Gandalf the Denim

At the bus station today: A bearded man wearing a Beard Team Canada t-shirt and a jeans wizard hat.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Time traveler?

Also on the bus today: A very elegantly dressed black woman, clearly on her way to (from) Mass. For some reason, she is wearing three watches on the same wrist. 
Must be Sunday morning.

Free pamphlets

On the bus today: A woman asks the bus driver: Would you like a free pamphlet? The driver, being used to answer questions about where his bus goes to, asks her to repeat her question. She has to repeat it three times, holding up everyone else wanting to get on the bus. Finally, the driver, confused, asks what the free pamphlet is. About Jesus, she replies. No thank you, he says. And we drive on, as the woman tries to talk to the woman sitting next to her about Jesus. Once again, she is turned down.


mai 23, 2013

Woa. Waiting for the bus today: Three teens with a baby carriage, discussing who's the toughest, who's had the most difficult childhood. They're talking about a girl who pretends to be tough, but 'Did she ever get punched for not doing her homework? Because I did.' 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A heartwarming story

On the bus today: A young man, covered in tattoos  pants hanging below his butt, is talking intently to the driver as I get on. Curious, I follow their conversation. The young man then goes to an old lady sitting in front, and very politely tells her that her stop is coming up, and gives her instructions on how to catch her transfer. At the next stop, the young man confirms with the driver which bus she needs to take to get to IKEA, and the tells his girlfriend to wait as he crosses with the old lady to make sure she gets on the right bus! Des fois, les gens sont juste beaux!