Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bad Day?

On the bus today: A very bitter bus driver keeps on playing the 'Please move to the back of the bus' and 'Priority seating is reserved for...' recordings. He's muttering to himself, complaining how no one listens anymore, etc. Except even once there are several seats available and no one is blocking the aisle, he continues to grumble and play the recording, saying he'll just 'Annoy the hell out of you!'

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Chivalry is not dead

On the bus today: A mother gets on the bus with her stroller. A 12-ish year old boy stands up, and lifts up the priority seat for her. The same young boy later held the door for me, with the sweetest look on his face, like this was an obvious and normal behaviour for a boy his age. This is also the Future. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

OC on a Saturday night...

On the bus tonight: As I'm boarding the 95, a bunch of drunk kids dressed up as fairies and animals get off, woohoo-ing very loudly. Another bunch of pre-drinkers get off at the next stop, as a few geeks talking about role-playing, elemental magic, heroes and Diablo are getting on (on their way to an Orleans basement?). Meanwhile, outside, someone whistles loudly in our direction. Twice. I haven't bussed on a Saturday night for a while.
Also on the bus tonight: Not one, but two men wearing an Indiana Jones style fedora. I've really got to do this more often! (both guys were presumably at some Octoberfest event, both sporting Beau's shirts and carrying a stein. But they don't seem to be together.